Thursday, 6 August 2009

Note - RSS, YT, FB...

A note about this blog -

This blog is an RSS feed that's imported to various places. So, if you are reading this post as a note on Facebook, remember to check and see who wrote it! We sign at the bottom (I, that is, Jimmy, am/is the only one who forgets). I'm just posting that so that no one gets confused when a post made by Nate shows up on Jimmy's Facebook and people start commenting on it as though Jimmy knows what's going on. That's just what happens. So...check the signature.

NullCoding is on Youtube! We have been for awhile, but in a short while I'm gonna start uploading what I guess you'd call video blogs. We'll see how THAT goes...

Also, a note about my Facebook page...until I'm 18 I don't think you can get to the might get a "page not found" error. So, for now, click on the Facebook badge on the right of this blog and become a fan of me (:S?). I know, I know...but I might post special stuff there!

Or I might just let it sit there and do nothing. Eh.


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