Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Before I even start with the "ten whatevers", I thought it would be funny to go back to the last part of my "Goodbye 2009" post.

My plans for 2010 include, in no particular order, setting up a website, getting a job/car, and keeping my academic performance consistent...

Ok, first one: no. Not even close. I have a Google Site, but I had it in 2009 as well. I want my own site on a server I own and operate. Now that I actually know about web servers, though, this should be much easier. Gonna get me a dual Xeon...

Second one: almost and no. Still not quite sure what happened with the job for which I applied recently, since it would appear that nothing went to the right people and no one got the right information, including me. I don't have a car, and don't know why I wanted one. I'm at college...which leads us to

Third: I'll let you guess the quality of my academic performance; your guess is as good as mine since I have yet to find out how I did on final exams and papers. I will, however, say that college is going better than I ever could have anticipated and my experience is pretty consistent, as I had said I'd wanted.


So, the "ten things" format may not be as viral as it was last year, but here we go. Be on the lookout for a photo album as well. 

Ten things to remember:

"Whiteout," "Snowmageddon," and like terms; my car ends up in a snowbank; I end up under my car.

Limit our ethnic eateries to three - Persian, Mexican, Indian - and patronize them in a cycle.

"Anywhere Left to Turn," failure of a reception, a teacher's one-up-manship, vandalism, still no compensation.

Chem lab biodiesel success.

13 years later, saying goodbye.

The best souvenirs from Pride are kittens.

Bumper stickers only annoy your parents if they're on their car. The message is agreeable on someone else's.

Living alone with two cats and an Infiniti for a week.

Celldweller remixes...Celldweller/Sybreed mashups...Celldweller rap remixes...and on and on and on and on...

Drayer 2nd floor is my matter how I come across, I love you people.

Ten quotes:

"If you do something right, no one has to know you did anything at all." - anon.

"That old guy with the pipe...he's a neuroscience professor...ok, looks like someone I'd want to have lunch with." - me

"That doesn't working!" - anon
"We're both freshmen now..." - Chris

"Go sit outside and count the stars; let the dust lie where it may." - Blinde Instinkt, Mind Like a Sieve

"Et mirakel er behæft / ved de tanker af mæ jeg vill ikke give i." - Blinde Instinkt, Alaia Alazne (Joyful Miracle)

"No one has to tell you not to / live your life like a scrap on the cutting room floor." (Kenenkään ei tarvitse kertoa teille, ettei / Elä kuin romu katkaisumallissa lattialle.) - J. Börner, Untitled Tribute

"Trap me in this empty room. / In making your devices known, / Your identity ceases to be your own." - Blinde Instinkt, Untitled

"I said I'd build a city up, / And I surpassed the sky.  / I said I'd stop the entropy, / And no one asked me why." - Blinde Instinkt, City on Paper

"I love you." - GDA


No time for life lessons or anything like that here. There are far too many. That's why I write.

Here's to 2011. As this fortune cookie thing taped to one of my monitors says, "It's high time for one of your most promising ideas."

Isn't it always?

Happy New Year.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

What made you fall for your current partner?

Oddly appropriate day to ask this! To be perfectly honest, it was one of those cliché novel-type things where "it just clicks."

We met at OutFest in October of 2009, and had such a great long conversation about...just about everything. It's hard to say why, but the "falling for" pretty much started right away. :)

...not quite sure how to put it better, actually.

Ask me anything