Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

Always looking towards the future these days, aren't ya NC?


As 2009 draws to a close, I'm gonna look back and thank about what I could possibly remember about it. All clichés aside, there's quite a bit. So I'm going to share it in the viral "ten things" format.

Ten things to remember:

17-foot-long multi-octave PVC foghorn.

^atrophy / ^dystrophy, "NC" and instantgib CTF pwnage.

Bruleé blowtorch = everyday lighter.

7-month "infection"

Multimedia lab "networking."

What the hell is Jimmy dressed up as? ...oh...

A candle that looks like it lights from both ends.

Chinese vice leniency.

1,680 days of inactivity and then back to the old RSC grind.

A broken shutter doesn't mean it won't take pictures.

Ten quotes:

"I can't build a wall on a wall."

"Hold on! We're home!"

"Belief in fate is only failure to realize all our actions have a purpose."

"Out here, even lumberjacks use hand cream."

"Serena Williams' serve is the hardest in women's tennis." "How hard are men?" "Oh, men are much harder."

"Some people fear God, some people fear gays, but only hypocrites fear both."

"Call me Marlboro Frankenstein."

"Friday will fix everything."

"There is little comfort in success, little satisfaction in victory, and little happiness in compromise."

"Neither he who thinks the living entity the slayer nor he who thinks it slain is in knowledge, for the self slays not nor is slain."

Ten things I learned:

Sometimes, being polarizing is a good thing.

Guard rails are there for a reason; it doesn't matter if they're in the way of your picture.

It's okay to cry.

Not cutting one's hair for over two years proves nothing.

Semantics cause more problems than one person can solve.

Taking charge is more important than taking breaks.

Food is only optional to a certain degree.

I can do math.

Knowing the language makes the experience in a foreign country just amazing.

I'm not suppressing my normal state of mind or view of the world; I am removing mental blocks that would otherwise prevent normal mindset, outlook, and function.

Ten life lessons:

Sometimes, titles hold no power and authority garners no respect.

Self-esteem is not naturally manifest.

One will always be judged by the company he keeps, no matter by whom.

Adversity is a social construct, not innate belief. Obstacles to acceptance must be combat through education rather than punishment.

Chances are good your rear bumper extends out a lot further than you think.

If you have just shaved your face, and you know you got a few little cuts, don't apply salicylic-acid facial wash.

Finding your comfort zone is a great accomplishment, but learning to expand it is a great challenge...

Five years of a foreign language will allow you to converse easily with adults, but doesn't guarantee you the ability to read children's storybooks.

Always aspire to be remembered for more than just your aspirations.

There is always somebody.


I have compiled an album (on short notice, so it's a little skimpy) of the photos I believe best represent 2009; you can view it here.

My plans for 2010 include, in no particular order, setting up a website, getting a job/car, and keeping my academic performance on my forums to share yours.

Hope you all had a great year - here's to many more! (that sounds a little strange, doesn't it...)


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