Thursday, 19 May 2011

Little Things About Me that I Don't Mind You Knowing!

I felt like getting some of this out there. Have a nice day, internet.


1. My life has never, ever been devoid of cats.
2. I wear retainers.
3. I have a line of scars on my left eyebrow; I had stitches there when I was 5.
4. I have never been to Europe.
5. I have spent very little time in New England, but people say I talk like I was born there.
6. My teeth have been an odd shade of yellow since I was 15.
7. I have been drinking coffee since I was 15.
8. If I wash my hair more often than every other day, it becomes dry and falls out!
9. I am probably allergic to grass, but have never been tested.
10. Lots of people think I'm anorexic. Thanks, people.
11. I have only ever sold one photo print to someone who wasn't a family member*.
12. I commandeer computers partially because I'm a total nerd and partially so I can use them to participate in BOINC.
13. I judge my boyfriend by how productive in Minecraft he is.
14. I am, in fact, a homosexual.
15. I failed my driver's test twice.
16. I have been collecting business cards since I was 10.
17. I have an affinity for tropical fruit.
18. I suspect I have a thyroid condition which makes me intolerant of heat.
19. If my thyroid is fine, then I suppose I just can't handle heat.
20. I don't exercise much - not always because of my back or ankles, but usually because I simply lack the motivation!
21. I had practically no female friends until I went to college.
22. I have been blogging for over 5 years, but am still unsure if anyone reads it/them.
23. I don't like wearing sandals or flip-flops.
24. I really enjoy ice-skating and am somewhat jealous of my siblings, who are quite talented and do so competitively.
25. I can tell you what's wrong with your diesel, but not your normal gasoline car.
26. I have a night light. It's a USB lava lamp and the computer is never turned off, so…
27. I own 20+ pairs of shoes, but you'll probably only ever see me wearing one or two different pairs.
28. No, I cannot understand what the Asians at the next table are saying. They don't all speak Mandarin Chinese.
29. I collect computer parts. This has come in handy more than I'd like to admit.
30. I handle my truck like a sportscar because sometimes, it acts like one.

* I believe that photo is now in the office of the governor of Colorado.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Always look on the bright side of death.

Many of my friends are not American citizens and thus have shown skewed reactions to the recent assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. While the circumstances of his death are rather odd ("U.S. officials had received specific information about where bin Laden may have been hiding in Pakistan" - CNN) and in typical military fashion, came to the public as a complete surprise, it is by no means unwelcome news.

Within several hours of the President's emergency speech, someone put up signs in my dorm saying "Is it ever right to celebrate the death of another human being? America, we're smarter than this." I can only imagine this person is not American, or is a new-age hippie - the kind of extreme liberal who thinks Obama is a failure. 

Yes, it is right to do so. Minds are constantly set at peace by the execution of murderers, rapists, and serial felons. The execution of Saddam Hussein - who was originally our friend - was met with cheers and a sense of relief. Go ahead, think of more examples. And please don't say "the Bible" or "Jesus." Jesus, in typical fashion, would have forgiven Osama as he waited to face Satan.

As long as I still live here, don't fuck with us. I see the good sides of this country shine from time to time, and am just as patriotic as the next guy. I'll sing along to Toby Keith while drinking shitty American beer and eating pork BBQ for as long as we do good in this world.

Don't push the buttons of someone who stands up for a country that still treats him like a second-class citizen. Just don't.