Thursday, 1 July 2010

Freelance Summer

I somehow went the entire month of June without making a single post, which must mean that nothing exciting happened.

All in all, it wasn't a remarkable month. The fact that it's now July and I'll be in college in under two months doesn't faze me. Or that my boyfriend's in college now, and has been for about a week - that's nothing special. There wasn't much to write about in June, anyway. Especially not the first week. On Monday, my youngest brother graduated from 5th grade, and on Tuesday, my other brother graduated from 5th grade. On Thursday, my boyfriend graduated from high school, which was a huge ceremony (he was ninth out of 499, alphabetically...). On Friday, I graduated from Haverford, where I'd gone since 1997. And that's about it.

The rest of June was a lot of OpenArena, room cleaning, lawn mowing, computer fixing, and time with Gabe until he left on the 29th. So now all I have to do is OpenArena, room cleaning, lawn mowing, and computer fixing. And complaining. I can complain about the humidity quite proficiently.


In fact, the weather has been gorgeous here - both yesterday and today. See, I'm more of a climate person than a temperature person. I can deal with 85º heat so long as there's no humidity. Ironically, I'd hate San Francisco, where I hear it can be simultaneously chilly and humid.

My ideal climate is between 0-50º F with no humidity. I can tolerate 50-100 with no humidity. I cannot deal with negative temperatures, 100+ temperatures, or humidity very much at all. Below 0º, staying alive becomes a chore because honestly, I can't accurately determine when I'm "too cold" or when I'm in danger of freezing. Above 100º F, even if there was no humidity (which I don't believe is possible around here), I'm too sluggish to do anything and, once again, can't gauge things like dehydration, etc. And humidity, forget it. I just lose all functionality. There's no hope. Even with caffeine, I can't do anything. I lose my appetite, too, and have to force myself to make the effort to drink water (or soymilk, for the protein). It just sucks.

Blame post-war builders! The attic to our house is actually constructed incorrectly...that is, there is no vent under the ridge where the shingles meet at the middle of the roof. There is also no fan to draw the air out. Apparently, the couple who lived here before we did liked to do their own home improvement, wiring included. So we aren't sure if the wiring in the attic is enough to support the powerful fan that would be needed in order to draw all the hot and humid air up and out.

See, hot air rises, and the attic's not huge. So once it's full of dense humid air, the second floor begins to fill up with it. Then the first floor, where all the windows are open. I have an exhaust fan in my room, but that only does a little bit to help. At night, it blows in the cool air and makes my room quite comfortably cold, but parents' room in the new part of the house has an attic over it that does have a vent, and the difference is noticeable. They also have seven windows. But it's nice and cool regardless.


As for the title I chose here, that's what I ultimately want to make of the remaining summer days. I want to sell all (or at least some) of the photos that are taking up space in my room. I want to restore a lot of old photos. I want to maybe do some commissions as well, but I'm not sure what for. I already have several people interested in photo restorations, and apparently they have a lot of stuff, so I'm looking forward to taking that on.

Basically, I need a routine. I fall apart without structure, without a routine, without meaningful stuff to do and occupy my time.

So if you can - gimme!

And otherwise, enjoy your summer too.

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