Tuesday, 19 May 2009

There's Only So Much

Really, there is.

Help Jimmy out, he's in a creative rut and can't think of anything to do except fractals and light graffiti. You know someone is bored when he finds fractals utterly fascinating...

As the title of this little memo suggests, the team has come to the realization that there's really only so much that one can photograph in his daily encounters. Short of going miles and miles away, post creative ideas for shooting (Jimmy alone, or a whole team project kind of thing).

With summer approaching and NullCoding going to China for all of June, probably with a shiny new SLR (sigh of relief), we'll be busy and hopefully a great deal more creative.

In other news, feel free to drop by our old forums! There's usually a nice little discussion you can read and contribute to, registration is free, and moderation is loose.

In the near future there will probably be more fractal light graffiti stuff, as well as a possible Facebook album of whatever that will be referenced here, and then much much later, whatever NullCoding decides to shoot in China.

Nate E

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