Friday, 11 September 2009

Note - 9/11, Forums, and School

In this brief note, I'd like to ask that we all remember the shocking attacks on American soil that occurred eight years ago today. In light of the events following the attacks on the World Trade Center (and ongoing the last eight years), I believe we all ought to realize there are some things around which we should gather, as a nation, and stand united against those who oppose us and what we stand for.

I was nine years old at the time of the attack, and remember sitting in my fourth grade class early in the morning when my teacher came into the room, sat down on a chair in front of our desks, and asked us if we knew what it meant when something was "hijacked." I believe there was a strong element of the "loss of innocence" in that moment, the same kind of concept William Golding emulated in Lord of the Flies and JD Salinger in Catcher in the Rye. I remember watching footage of people jumping out of buildings, reruns of planes hitting the towers, and an endless stream of people going through the debris. For several days afterward, that's what was on the news, and although my memory of it is hazy, I know it happened and I know the effect it had on my nine-year-old self.


Changing gears quite a bit, my forums are back up and running. I closed them back in late May because no one was posting (which in retrospect was a silly way to try and make people post more). I'd like it very much if people new and old were to go and post there. I don't really know what kind of discussion ought to be had there, on the whole, but there are sections for political debate, music discussion, and general chat. Read this post to get the whole story on the re-starting of my forums.


School started again, I love it, and I'm thrilled with my schedule. Some rare days I don't have class until noon and other days I'm done with classes at 1:30. I set up my computer in the multimedia lab and have my workstation all set up - awesome. There are a bunch of iMacs in there (24 of them) and they've all got the full student-licensed version of CS3...they have Final Cut too, so I'll see what I can and can't do with that.

Anyway, that's the blog-note. In the near future, I can't promise any new images (at least not anything dramatic). Sorry. If I upload anything, it'll be from awhile ago and I'll have just edited it in my free time, most likely.


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