Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Routine of Life

Last blog post of the summer!

On that note, I can't wait for school to start...it starts tomorrow. I'll be a senior, which is surreal and awesome and a little intimidating.

At any rate, it's been a crazy hectic week. I've been working a lot recently at the theatre; everyone else decided to go on vacation, but I got that out of the way the week prior, so now I'm back and available to work...it's a lot of fun, and not even that much hard work. Perhaps it's made that much more enjoyable by the fact my girlfriend is working with me. I run the sound mixer and she works spotlight. It's a good deal...

As a photographer, I'm oddly fascinated with the theatrical lights we use and have so so many of up in the catwalk. I'll have to post scraps or something. It's insane. I'd love to be able to make some kind of crazy huge lens out of one. A guy can dream. :D

I don't actually know if that would be possible. I'd have to rig an adapter for Nikon's F-mount, which is probably against a lot of patent laws and would forbid me from profiting off any images I'd make with such a lens. Oh well.

All of my recent pictures have been (somewhat chronologically) from my vacation in South Carolina. I'm currently working on a huge backlog - this is what happens when you have an 8GB memory card and never empty it or even bother to remember what you've uploaded, what you've backed up, and what pictures are just sitting on the card...ugh. I'm almost done though. I'm just trying to find something to make this last day of summer last and be worth it.

My next bunch of pictures will be miscellaneous shots from South Carolina and plenty from my trip on our boat yesterday. It was a nice Labor Day (there was no one at the marina whatsoever) and Sabrina and I got a bunch of cool pictures. Now the question is who took what...


For a long time now, I've been trying to get my photography displayed at a local coffee house or something of the sort. There's one I frequent at which photography is displayed; just yesterday I talked for about 45 minutes with the person who co-ordinates all that. He is the head of a local camera club I knew nothing about. While I have no intention of joining (as it would conflict majorly with school), I was thrilled when he informed me that my work is comparable, if not better, than some of the work the professionals there are turning out. I'd never received critique from a professional before - that meant a lot.

I'll definitely keep an update on this exhibit, when, where, how much, etc. I'm probably gonna be printing my 12x18s at Costco for $3 apiece - I know that much. :P

The title of this journal reflects my recent boredom with summer. Yeah, it flew by...June was China, July was two weeks of sitting in my room doing nothing (fun :)) and visiting colleges and going to OC and the Poconos, and August was a lot of relaxing, being bored, fixing computers, and going to SC. But I'm ready for a routine now. I need something to keep me sane. I'm looking forward to the school year. I recently got my i-ADHD under control and can't wait to find out how my treatment will affect my grades in school. I am more alert, attentive, awake, energetic, personable, friendly even. It's great. I'm happy. The only issue is the side effects - I'm somewhat more short-tempered and a lot more edgy (but the latter is probably just the coffee). We'll see how senior year goes.

Fingers crossed.

Last first day of school ever tomorrow.

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