Tuesday, 15 December 2009

College, Cafés, and Cramming

I am going to Dickinson College.

I found out last night as I was sitting in the auditorium waiting for my brother's concert to start. There's a long story behind this, so I think I'll share: I was at a café and on my computer; I'd gotten an email from Dickinson saying they'd made a decision and the letter had been mailed. The e-mail also said I could check online.

My parents had been nervous for awhile, having resolved to not check the mail until both were home and could go through it with me. They weren't at the café with me - they were at the concert, so I had to drive all the way there, find my parents, get on my mom's iPhone, and check out the decision.

I only had to read "It is with great pleasure that..." and they did fist pumps and cheers and I was in a great mood the rest of the night.


Well, I'm still in a good mood - but that's my silly little college story.

I do have big plans for the future, of course. This month sees the completion of a great deal of school work, which has me really excited even though a lot of that work has yet to be done. Break begins on the 19th, so I've til the 18th to work. Yippee.

I will be working to solidify the photos I will be putting in exhibits, though, since I keep taking more and now essentially have a backlog. I've been given the great opportunity for another exhibit, this time at an actual art gallery, so I'll be working pretty hard on planning that out as well.

It won't be until March, and it will only last twenty days, but that's plenty of time - especially since it's almost guaranteed everyone I know will come. See, the exhibit is at my school, in the art gallery of our performing arts center Centennial Hall. Anyone going in can and will see my work, so I really need to get some more stuff together, organize my framing, make sure I'm ready to sell my work, etc. I have a lot more time than I think...


Meanwhile, the café at which I'd previously displayed my artwork has re-opened under new management and a fresh coat of paint. I like it so far, but they haven't quite gotten their menu down - I'll probably like it even more once they do. The new owner made me a bit skeptical at first - seemed like a young guy who wanted a coffee shop in Wayne just to profit, knowing we don't really have anywhere else to go. He filled me in on his big plans for the place, and I was a little dubious as to whether or not it could be done, but lo and behold the café was closed the next week and we relocated to Starbucks for a time. I heard about the renovations but I didn't actually get over there until the 11th, and now I definitely don't have any doubts - this new manager is pretty serious. There's new paint, yeah, but he also moved stuff around and removed a lot of the clutter. It actually looks pretty bare now, but he said he's working on filling up the display cases with new menu items and then turning his attention to décor.

Décor, you say? Yes, they'll hang my photos again, no there won't necessarily be more, yes of course I can sell them, etc. Same deal, only he's a little swamped at the moment and my photos aren't really a priority. Needless to say, I've already planned out where to hang what.


This is going to be a hectic week since I've got a Yearbook deadline, an English essay, a Latin project, and several gift ideas I need to follow through on. But the afternoon/evening of the 18th...gonna have a good time. ^_^


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