Tuesday, 18 May 2010

2 AM Thoughts

The theme of this collaborative blog has really drifted away from photography and art in general, unfortunately, so I'm going to fix that starting...now. :)

First off - direct your attention to the links in the boxes on the right of this page (or if you are viewing this post via RSS, go to the main site). In those boxes are a bunch of links. Click them. They're cool.

By the way, remember this is Nate posting. So I'm going to plug my DeviantArt page a little - but also look at Jimmy's, even though he hasn't posted anything in months. He's told me he will, so let's all be patient.

So anyway, I haven't made a post here in a really really long time, so I probably seem like a stranger to most of you. I'm Nate, and I enjoy photography and modelling. I'm actually dating a photographer as well (not Jimmy XD). I'm all about open-source, something my dad got me into when he bought me a computer and loaded it with free open-source software. So even though I run Windows XP, I use Gimp for just about everything. I've downloaded tons of plugins and brushes. I use a very modded Firefox alongside Chrome and I do whatever productive work I have to in OpenOffice. Seriously, so much time and money saved...

The few HDR renders I've done were with my boyfriend's copy of Photomatix, which is an awesome program but not free at all. There are no plugins for it for Gimp either, so I have to use his computer or get it illegally...don't think I'll do that.

My workflow is not nearly as involved as Jimmy's. It's interesting to have a post such as this, where the actual blog owner has his methods scrutinized, but so be it, it's happening. It seems overly complicated (and a bit obsessive) to use Gimp, Photoshop, Photomatix, Gimp again, Photoshop again, etc... to get an image. Jimmy's done some really amazing stuff, don't get me wrong, but he's also been known to take forever switching between programs and tweaking minor things just to change the image the slightest bit. I think it's kinda funny, actually.

Anyway - speaking of Jimmy - our creative paths have crossed, and we're both currently doing digital art and photomanipulation-type stuff. Hopefully, one or both of us will have some stuff posted here and on our respective DeviantArt pages soon!


remember if you are seeing this on Facebook that it was not posted by Jimmy, NullCoding, or someone else.

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