Saturday, 22 May 2010


Okay. More early-morning stuff.

I got home at 0030 and was feeling better than I had all day. Figures. My body rhythm is pretty much backwards now. Odd thing is, I'll wake up at 0600 and feel fine. Thank you REM cycles?

This post is quite literally an inventory. I felt as though, since no one ever comes over to my house, I ought to share a list of what's currently clogging my room. :)

I bought six computers for $12 and gutted them all. Well, all but one. One was marked as "not working - will not boot" so I plugged it into a monitor and gave it power, pressed the power button and it booted in half a minute. Booted Windows 2000, but still. Hah.

Computer surplus sales are bad for me. It's like a philandering pothead vacationing in Amsterdam.

• 6 internal CD drives
• 5 internal floppy drives
• 2 floppy drive modules (Dell OEM for Latitude laptops, Optiplex SX-series compacts)
• 2 internal 20GB 2.5" SATA laptop hard drives (Dell OEM " see above)
• 1 internal 27.2GB 3.5" EIDE (PATA?) hard drive (from a dead 1999 desktop)
• 12+ RAM chips ranging from 128MB to 512MB each, not all the same kind (I've no idea what to put them in or what they came from - fail on labeling, Jimmy...)
• 9+ IDE cables (the big ol' ribbon ones) and I don't know why there are more cables than devices that actually use them...
• 2 SATA/legacy cables
• 4 disc Li-ion batteries (from motherboards, naturally...)

Here's where it gets pathetic. 

• 1 plastic cup full of screws I'm keeping for who knows what reason
• More mice and keyboards than there are PS/2 ports on my computers
• 6 empty or nearly-empty (read: gutted of useful, functioning parts) desktop computer cases
• 2 double-ended SATA legacy cables (for laptop hard drives) with no conceivable use at all, as they are female on both ends
• 2 10/100M ethernet routers that are plugged into nothing.
• More power cables than there are things in my house that can use them.
• A mouse that I duct-taped back together after smashing it in frustration. It probably works but is also probably a hazard.
• A wireless optical mouse that I took apart and now use as a tiny red strobe light (so sue me, it's fun)
• 2 broken flash drives, one of which needs solder and one of which was run over by a car but probably might work. Maybe.
• 1 blank 4GB flash drive for which I can think of no practical use.
• Floppy boot disks for Windows 98 2nd Edition. The CDs it requires are nowhere to be found.
• A microphone for a Macintosh computer from 1993.
• An LCD monitor that displays colorful vertical and diagonal lines instead of a recognizable image.
• A computer that may or may not run a port of Linux directly from RAM, as it has, and theoretically needs, no hard drive.
• A dismantled PS/2 keyboard.
• Did I mention a cup full of screws?
• a 50-foot-long CAT5 cable that I use for the two or three feet between my desks.
• a 6-foot-long CAT5 cable that I do not use at all.
• 2 power bricks + adapters for two things that I do not own anymore because they broke and I gave 'em away.
• 3 10-12V DC wall adapters that are too big to be efficient (they block two or more outlets)
• STACKS of floppy disks.
• a few iomega ZIP disks. I had a drive for them but it's vanished.
• 4 USB extension cables that come in handy twice a year if they're lucky.
• I have a damn cup full of screws!!

And here's what is USEFUL:

• 1 MacBook M, late 2006, runs Tiger and OpenArena. And Photoshop sometimes.
• 1 Dell Dimension 8400 with 1.5GB of RAM (pilfered from other machines), 2 processor cores, 3 operating systems, and two hard drives. Oh and two PCI cards, one for wireless and one for ethernet. And it has a USB wireless adapter (Tenda W311U - I highly recommend it!)
• 2 Dell Optiplex GX240 desktops, running XP and Ubuntu 8.0.4 respectively.
• 1 LCD monitor plugged into the Ubuntu computer with VGA, its only input.
• 1 LCD monitor plugged into the other two working desktops via VGA and HDMI. Doesn't it normally go the other way round?

• 1 Dell Optiplex GX240 desktop that runs Ubuntu but got messed up by my siblings, who don't know how to use it because they're kids and it's Linux.
• 1 Dell Optiplex GX280 desktop that I kinda modified. It has no OS (indeed it currently has no HD) but it has 2GB of RAM. It came with 512MB.

Now, ordinarily, I'd say "help me, I have issues, and I'm going to be on "Hoarders" in a few years," but the worst part about all this is that it's all organized and categorized and...well I honestly have reasons for having all this stuff.

It's fun to write about. XD

I'll have pictures soon. Believe me...I will. All this ridiculous crap in the form of a bulleted list is nice and all, but since I haven't done any art stuff in a long time (at least, not any worth sharing) I might as well post pictures of my nerdy side habits...


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  1. I've got to see pictures of this! I've seen it in person, but now it is organized? I haven't seen the 50ft cord either XD