Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Hi, I’m Jimmy.

I’m a nerd. I collect computers and then run them all at once to search for prime numbers. So far I’ve found over a thousand.

I’m a musician. I collect instruments from around the world and teach myself to play them. I play eight. I suck at reading music and have only ever taken lessons in guitar. For fourteen years.

I’m a photographer. It started with my high school yearbook. In 2010, 75% of the pictures in there were mine. A photo sold at one of my exhibits now hangs in the office of the governor of Colorado.

I’m pansexual. And genderqueer. The world may not be ready for that, so I accept “bi” and “male.” I’m not changing my body anytime soon. The only reason I rarely tell people any of this is because it involves so much explanation.

I’m a gamer. I admit to playing OpenArena, Urban Terror, and the original Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein series voraciously. OA is my favorite. If I’m not the best on my team, I’m disappointed. I also have a bit of an addiction to solitaire.

I’m (still) a nerd. I run a distributed computing grid amongst all the computers I own and some I don’t. I participate in 32 scientific and math-based research projects. I’m currently ranked 808th out of 2,268,748 worldwide based on CPU time contributions.


I’m shy. In person I’m very modest. I would never say most of this stuff in real life. Not because it’s exaggerated, made up, or that I’m ashamed of anything in particular. I just think I come across as an arrogant prick whenever I talk about myself. Am I actually? Doubt it. Lots of people don’t like me, but not for good (or any) reasons.
Honestly, if this was my biography, what would you think of me?

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