Thursday, 19 May 2011

Little Things About Me that I Don't Mind You Knowing!

I felt like getting some of this out there. Have a nice day, internet.


1. My life has never, ever been devoid of cats.
2. I wear retainers.
3. I have a line of scars on my left eyebrow; I had stitches there when I was 5.
4. I have never been to Europe.
5. I have spent very little time in New England, but people say I talk like I was born there.
6. My teeth have been an odd shade of yellow since I was 15.
7. I have been drinking coffee since I was 15.
8. If I wash my hair more often than every other day, it becomes dry and falls out!
9. I am probably allergic to grass, but have never been tested.
10. Lots of people think I'm anorexic. Thanks, people.
11. I have only ever sold one photo print to someone who wasn't a family member*.
12. I commandeer computers partially because I'm a total nerd and partially so I can use them to participate in BOINC.
13. I judge my boyfriend by how productive in Minecraft he is.
14. I am, in fact, a homosexual.
15. I failed my driver's test twice.
16. I have been collecting business cards since I was 10.
17. I have an affinity for tropical fruit.
18. I suspect I have a thyroid condition which makes me intolerant of heat.
19. If my thyroid is fine, then I suppose I just can't handle heat.
20. I don't exercise much - not always because of my back or ankles, but usually because I simply lack the motivation!
21. I had practically no female friends until I went to college.
22. I have been blogging for over 5 years, but am still unsure if anyone reads it/them.
23. I don't like wearing sandals or flip-flops.
24. I really enjoy ice-skating and am somewhat jealous of my siblings, who are quite talented and do so competitively.
25. I can tell you what's wrong with your diesel, but not your normal gasoline car.
26. I have a night light. It's a USB lava lamp and the computer is never turned off, so…
27. I own 20+ pairs of shoes, but you'll probably only ever see me wearing one or two different pairs.
28. No, I cannot understand what the Asians at the next table are saying. They don't all speak Mandarin Chinese.
29. I collect computer parts. This has come in handy more than I'd like to admit.
30. I handle my truck like a sportscar because sometimes, it acts like one.

* I believe that photo is now in the office of the governor of Colorado.

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  1. I think you have fun going with your boyfriend to Nocturne too :3 ... as well.

    Also, I think your boyfriend makes up random websites to link to when he doesn't want to link anything that would more obviously give up his identity...? He's paranoid, deal with it.