Thursday, 13 December 2012

Things I have found pt II

Today (er, this evening) was clean-the-dresser-and-behind-the-dresser-and-everywhere-near-it day.

At first it looked like this:

I won't / can't post what it looks like now. I'm just taking a break. Too damn dusty.

Anyway, here's the list, in no particular order:
  • a pin that says Go Fords!
  • twenty or so mismatched Legos
  • parts of what used to be some kind of purple model car
  • several rocks
  • a hunk of what is known as "Fool's Gold"
  • four small, intact, perfectly white seashells
  • five Chap-Stiks
  • a lacrosse ball
  • a pocket day-planner / calendar thingy for 2006 through 2008
  • a folding Chinese-style fan (intact)
  • a magnetic pelican
  • an empty pack of Djarum Black kreteks from when they were still allowed to be called "cigarettes"
  • a long piece of foam with no discernible use
  • a laser pointer with no batteries
  • batteries
  • several large plastic bags full of plastic bags
  • more Neutrogena for sensitive skin
  • still more paper clips
  • lots of staples. like, a lot of staples
  • a piece of paper with something written on it, can't tell, but the date indicated I was in fourth grade
  • another pair of lounge pants (that makes six)
  • a broken cigarette holder I bought in China and never used because, well, it was always broken
  • a receipt for something that looks important
  • a nearly-full spray can of Oust
  • several model cars I'd forgotten I had
  • Purell that was much less viscous than it's meant to be
  • GameBoy Advance cartridges for Golden Sun and, for some reason, The Hobbit
  • a wine cork from Funky Llama 
  • a lot of Day of Silence stickers
  • a nametag
  • a magnet with my name on it from the Poconos
  • a tiny backpack
  • a vibrantly decorated notebook/calendar I never used :(
  • an orange teddy bear with Eric Lindros' name and number on (a former Philadelphia Flyer)
  • handheld Boggle
  • cough drops
  • a very large Dora the Explorer coloring book
  • two dredels
  • Predator on VHS
  • a watch on a carabiner (it's stopped)
  • a map of the MTA (Maryland's public transit system)
  • a 5-pound dumbbell
  • every card I got for graduation (no money in them though...I checked)
  • a letter from my aunt, the only part of which that caught my eye was "get yourself a local gay male shrink - they're easy to find in an academic place!"
  • a large piece of metal from my old computer desk
  • a totally gutted old Dell computer that had been completely obscured by stuff
  • bags of beer caps and tabs from cans
  • my megaphone!
  • a neatly-folded, perfectly clean area rug
I'm still let's see how this goes. I'm on a damn roll.

By the way, here's what it looks like now:


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