Thursday, 20 December 2012

Things I Have Found pt IV

This is more of an addendum to the post about the "alcove," as my bookcase is right next to it.

In addition to all that stuff I listed before, I have so far found these interesting treasures (or bits of junk, depending) near, on, and around my bookcase.

  • a roll of masking tape
  • another flash drive, but it looks like it was run over by a car, because there's a good chance it was
  • a business card holder
  • a folding map of the United States and Canada in a leather case that looks like it's from the 90s
  • another damn Chap-Stik
  • a lanyard! how useful!
  • a bag of screws and cable ties
  • an issue of my prep school's newspaper from December 2010 (I graduated in June 2010)
  • a ticket to the Franklin (Institute) for Mummies of the World in June 2011
  • a fake gold medal
  • ticket to the Devon Horse Show earlier this year
  • a recipe for Spiced Asian Pear Salad - that's a keeper
  • several tabs from soda cans...or possibly other cans...
  • old receipts for cigs and gasoline and, for some reason, gum. Who buys gum with a credit card?
  • more little cigar wrappers
  • a pack of 18g horseshoes and plugs...for my lobes now I guess? cool.
  • a notepad with the name and logo of an oil company I don't think is still in business
  • a small form factor PCI slot cover
  • a neatly flattened empty lightbulb box. What is it with me and lightbulbs for crying out loud?
  • the $121 receipt from Wegman's in 2011 when I was alone for a month and then had to restock the entire house and went shopping with my friend while she was high and ended up buying random stuff like brie and baguette and cake-making stuff and tubes of icing and an organic lettuce
  • the actual original list from said shopping adventure
  • a Human Rights Campaign dog tag from the campaign to repeal DADT
  • more random receipts. really?
  • a bunch of Chinese magnets
  • a carbon monoxide detector. wat.
  • Windows 3.1 For Dummies! Finally! wait...oh that's right...we're on 8 now

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