Sunday, 16 December 2012

Things I have found pt III

Today's project is this weird alcove-like place in my room. Being an alcove, it is a natural storage area and therefore has gotten filled with crap since oh, I don't know, 2009.

I've been at it for under an hour. You know the drill. Here goes:
  • a bracelet from Pride in 2010
  • a landline phone
  • wire for said phone
  • a neatly coiled co-axial cable (for a TV)
  • Jenga
  • Bananagrams
  • a 6-in-1 glass fancy-looking game set (think chess, backgammon, etc)
  • a bag of boxes from building my first custom computer*
  • the sticks for my Chinese yo-yo (diablo)
  • a bunch of photos that were vandalized in the exhibit I discuss here and here**
  • a list of all the damages, totaling $350 (plus interest over 2 years, The Haverford School still owes me $420)
  • purple sunglasses that are not the ones my ex "borrowed"
  • 3D glasses for some reason
  • Car and Driver from exactly a year ago
  • a floppy drive with BAD written on it...into the computer recycling box I suppose
  • jeans I drew on a long time ago...wonder if they still fit?
  • more stupid CFL lightbulbs - why do I have so many of these?!
  • CDs with labels that make no sense to me
  • a note from my brother from last year when he accidentally turned off one of my computers
  • an unopened 2012 calendar with an Astronomy theme. If I actually used a calendar, I'd be sad.
  • a purple bucket
  • about ten feet, maybe more, of thin plastic tubing
  • another expired Rita's coupon (exclusively for the Carlisle location, oh well)
  • one of those little wrappers from cigars that you don't have to remove, but I apparently collect
  • a box of bags of well-organized cables and cords and stuff I didn't remember I had
  • a very dusty umbrella
  • two Fender Frontman 15G guitar practice amps I knew were there but rarely/never use(d)
  • more books from school, most of which I also never used
  • my laptop bag from Peking University - it's too small for any laptop I actually use, though
  • who knows what's in that bag, anyway...I'm scared to find out but I'll have to eventually!
  • a weird squishy worm-like thing that is maybe a cat toy?
  • boxes of my framed photos (I knew those were there, don't worry)
  • a bunch of clothes hangers. Why? Why there?
  • my original white 1st-generation 4GB iPod Nano - it still works!
  • bags of disassembled, torn-apart cameras and cell phones - what the hell, Jimmy? really?
  • a parallel/serial cable - what's the use?
  • a memorial card from my grandfather's funeral in 2003 with "May the Road Rise to Meet You" on the back and Jesus on the front (the Catholic kind)
And I'm not even at my bookcase yet. Boy, that'll be some list.

* I kept these for good reason - in case I needed to invoke manufacturer warranty, I would have needed the original box. But it's been long enough that I can safely get rid of them and hope that nothing goes wrong!

** note this part of the post:
...the fiasco with my March exhibit and the disgustingly large amount of vandalism that occurred. Five of my photos were damaged and roughly 10 others tampered with. Lots and lots of pins were torn out of the walls, bent, or used to scratch or poke holes in my photos. Most noticeable were the holes poked in my ear and eye in one photo and the six on my face in another.

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