Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Things I have found whilst cleaning my room

Background: I drove back to Dickinson for the last time today and picked up all my stuff and officially moved out. This means my room in my parents' house currently looks like this:

So naturally, I need to clean it first and then move my stuff in and around and put it places where it belongs. Essentially, I'm redoing the place. I also need a new dresser. Not sure if that photo shows it, but the drawers are all broken and one actually fell out and won't go back in (or come out again) without a fight. Yup tomorrow's IKEA day cos I'm (we're) cheap.

I took some more Adderall, continued drinking the 24oz of Sheetz Serious Dark Roast I got at about 3:30pm, and started cleaning with the area near my closet. Maybe I'll put computers there. Plenty of room. So far, here's what I've come across, in no particular order:
  • a watch (stopped) with no band - just a watch.
  • 1GB of old desktop RAM
  • my middle school ID card (valid 2004)
  • the instruction manual for an iPad 2, in its nice little white sleeve
  • a small plastic moose
  • my brother's Lewis Structure and molecular modelling lab from last year
  • orange smoothie mix in a jug
  • a Backspace key
  • blue spray-on hair dye (sounds empty)
  • the cover to a scientific calculator. just the cover.
  • a Christmas stocking
  • flip-flops with multicolored cassette tapes on
  • a bag clip with a piece of ribbon tied to it
  • Neutrogena for sensitive skin
  • a few partially dismantled speakers*
  • two backpacks
  • a scarf in my school colors (no bitch it's not fucking from Harry Potter)
  • lots of mail from said school asking for money (unopened of course)
  • OpenSUSE 10.3 32-bit KDE on a CD
  • the other half of the spacebar for the keyboard my siblings used
  • a lot of pencils (???)
  • a Hot Wheels art-deco style delivery truck with the Trix logo and rabbit painted on 
  • my ID card from freshman year, stating it's valid starting in September 2005...when I started eighth grade
  • a Day of Silence card
  • a Yuengling cap
  • a fortune saying "It is necessary therefore, it is possible" (sic)
  • a collapsible 12-inch ruler with my last name on it
  • a purple bouncy monkey thing I can only assume one sticks to a car dashboard
  • a cloth bag with my prep school's logo...filled with rocks
  • a Fender bumper sticker, fuck yeah
  • a small note in my mother's handwriting explaining usage of significant figures in addition
  • a lot of multicolored paperclips, in a chain for some reason
  • a fuck ton of dust *sneezes again*
 And I'm done! That was a play-by play of the area between my desk and my closet, which is this big:

and now needs vacuumed.

Also lol shoes.

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