Monday, 20 April 2009


Now, I am no fan of churches, or cathedrals, or anything representing organized religion, but they can be some very architecturally pleasant buildings.

In fact, it almost seems as though the churches around here adopt some kind of "holier-than-thou" attitude towards their physical structures, with the hopes that people will think their God is more present in a more formidable and impressive structure.

This is the church seen in this and this. This one was taken across the street; I really liked the Gothic-style belfry and windows. There's some pretty cool stained-glass work, as well.

There will also be some pictures of another church later on, but at the time of this (somewhat overdue) post, nothing at all is centralized, and I have memory cards and data files lying all over the place. Flash drives, SD cards, laptop, iMac at the school lab, several cameras, two iPhoto libraries, and two DeviantArt folders on two computers make it difficult to keep up...

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