Monday, 6 April 2009

Decisions, decisions.

...Take what you can get.

This is the Powershot A550 I use for some casual shots. I carry it around all day and use it whenever I want. It's a versitile little point-and-shoot, but it has its drawbacks.

For instance, I wouldn't consider utilizing it for macro shots with a depth-of-field like this...

Oh well. If I'm trying to take pictures of Latin vocabulary words, with no flash, then it will do just fine...

Til then, I'll stick to a camera with a built-in 8x digital zoom lens. I just have never gotten good macro results with any point-and-shoot except the Nikon E8700. However, some of my most recent pictures have been taken using the Canon.

This is why a photographer needs to develop an arsenal of sorts...and I'm well on my way.

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