Sunday, 5 April 2009

The first bloom!

For the longest time, it seemed as though the daffodil garden simply wouldn't bloom. It was just a sea of green shoots. They had a character all their own - resolute in the cold and frequently windy days of early spring, and completely indifferent to their surroundings of various lifeless shades of brown.

So a great deal of recreational macro shots sprouted up around these, um, sprouts. My favorite of these is this one. My iPhoto library is overrun with ones like that, though, so it got old very fast. Imagine having nothing green and not a tree on your entire 1.5+ acre property.

Well, at any rate, I do like macro shots. They take a great deal of talent to cobble together - since it's often a portrayal of some small entity of nature, a macro shot ought to have a definite emotional overtone or message to relay. Nature tells us things.

Macros work best with a DSLR. I do not have a DSLR. So, I use the Nikon Coolpix 8700 described in the astro-shot post I made earlier; I have done all my really satisfying macro shots with it. Nikon makes microscopes and binoculars, you know. They know how to magnify things. I have gotten good macro results with an obsolete and somewhat damaged Coolpix 5600. There's nothing against the camera here, but there are some problems with the raw file nonetheless.

This is the first daffodil to come up this spring. About time. :)

The contrast is way off, though, and the color in the background is just blah. It really doesn't add any kind of just detracts from the flower, if anything. Macro is one place where it's ok to center the subject, given the subject often is so detailed you'll focus on it no matter where it is. The other thing is the ambiance I said this photo doesn't have - it's all this bokeh that would look good if only it was of uniform color and texture.

Perhaps I'll try again soon...but in the meantime, take away from this that you ought to carefully set up any macro shot bearing in mind what's going to be in the background of the shot - and of course, the after-processing you may need to put more emphasis on the subject.


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