Sunday, 26 April 2009


I will be doing some more collages in the next week.

Photo-collage is an art that typically uses splicing and fusing rather than blunt superposition. I plan to utilize the latter technique.

This involves placing a tripod and (ideally) spiking it, then taking pictures of a subject or subjects as it/they move or change. This can be compared to super-long exposure night shots in which you observe moving of the stars, or time-lapse movie making.

In this case, however, I plan on using Gimp and Photoshop in conjunction with each other to open individual photos as layers, crop out superfluous (in this case, identical) pieces, and wind up with interesting collage-like results.

Some of my recent experiments have come out varying ways; the previous post here included the picture "Rush Hour," my personal favorite from this small series. The only real reason they were posted was to see initial reactions and reception. It was understandably less than expected.

The first subject will be a play rehearsal. Results may not be processed and finished until the end of the week due to a busy schedule, but I shall have another post detailing exactly what I see in superposition and collage.

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