Monday, 13 April 2009


So here's a small problem I seem to have run into.

Yes, I dropped it. This after it was more or less totally unscrewed.

Believe it or not, the screen actually looked exactly like that (sans strange angle) prior to the unwanted bodywork.

Power button still works, lens is just peachy, and yes, that's packing tape holding it together up there.

It's considerably more difficult to change the batteries now, though still possible. It'll also mount to a tripod just fine.

That's the SD slot, but it doesn't go anywhere now. The actual slot is exposed now, slightly to the right of the flip-up lid.

Everything still works just fine. There are no problems other than the fact the camera is now essentially in two pieces. Oh, and the screen is set off at a jaunty angle, making it a pain to preview pictures.

Thought I'd share... :|

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