Thursday, 2 April 2009

E8700 Astro-Shot

Now, as nice as it looks, the Nikon Coolpix 8700 is just that - a CoolPix. This well-known line of point-and-shoot, fixed-lens small-CCD cameras from Nikon is known for many things good and bad, but close-ups of celestial entities is not exactly one of them.

But check out this picture (click to view full size):

While it's not particularly large, as astro-macro shots preferably are, this picture surprised me nonetheless. The shutter speed was two seconds but everything else was auto-set by the program - I don't ever actually do anything entirely manually with this camera.

The main reason there's little to no luck of escaping digital noise here is due to the fact that any camera that's not an SLR is prone to it. It's just a fact - the sensor is comparatively small and also not quite as strong.

Oh well - thought I'd share. It's always cool to get an unexpectedly good result on a for-fun photoshoot. :)


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